Why you choose us?

Tours of hope is a tour company specializing in desirable attractions, set departure safaris and packaged holidays in East Africa. Through years of experience, intensive knowledge of east African countries and respective tourism attractions, we always create unique, special and authentic safari packages that go beyond the ordinary to our clients.

Whether you want to go on your first African wildlife safari, study tours, business tours, leisure out for an adventure or beach relaxation, planning your honeymoon or other special occasions – or a combination of several tours – we will create a unique, personalized itinerary suited to both you and your budget.


Tours of hope stands for:

Professional employees

Our team of highly skilled travel specialists and consultants are based throughout the East African region where they have been living and working for many years. Together they possess many years of safari operating experience across the East African region. Since 2015, we only work with the best guides in the country who are not only professional local experts but also add that personal touch to your journey.

Everyone in our company – from office staff to our tour guides – are passionate about travel and meeting people from all over the world.

For us, travelling is a way of life, a passion unrivaled by no other. And we know that the trans-formative adventure of travel is not only about where we go, but who we go with: On our tours you will meet people from a wide diversity of places and cultures, returning home with vivid, meaningful memories and new friendships that expand the global community.

Value clients’ desires

Your safari will be 100% memorable, designed to suit your expectations, your personal interests as well as your budget. We do not take you on one of ‘our safaris’; instead you will be the one creating the perfect trip with the help of our safari specialists. With our experience and expertise you will be guided and given the needful advice where requested.


We are also committed to sustainability by doing our part in protecting the natural environment, the African wildlife and the valuable cultural heritage.

We carefully select hotels, safari lodges and camps that have a comprehensive sustainability policy and ensure as minimal an impact as possible on the environment. With effort to increase awareness for conservation and ensure that the local communities also benefit from your visit. While on your safari we also kindly request you to respect the environment by minimizing the footprint that you leave and follow our guidelines for responsible tourism.

The only way we can save Africa and the world’s unspoiled wilderness for prosperity is if we join hands together!

We offer you more than your expectations………. We make sure that your dreams to life on an African experience come true, so that you will never forget!


 Our Vision & Mission


To provide travelers with unforgettable, unique, and affordable travel and sightseeing experiences in the east African region


  • To be the leading tour and travel company in Africa
  • To create the most trusted tour and travel company profile to co-operate with.
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